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Educator Grants

Pfund Me Mini-Grants


We are offering all PfISD teachers the opportunity to apply for Mini-Grants. The purpose of these grants is to enhance, promote and augment classroom instruction in areas not routinely allocated in regular budgetary funds or not eligible for reimbursement from other sources. You can use the money for things like classroom field trips, conference registration fees, professional development, equipment, etc. (NOTE: Mini-Grant funds are not available for personnel costs, technology or personal travel expenses.)


The Mini-Grant Application is online and can be found here:

Submission Deadlines

The Mini-Grant application needs to be submitted before the 3rd Thursday of each month to be considered for that month. The due date for September is Thursday, October 21.

Awarding of Funds

PEF will award 4 Mini-Grants each month from September to December up to $1,000.
Teachers may apply more than once per year. Teachers who have received grants may reapply for different projects for consideration.

Prior Mini-Grant Awardees


Thank you to all education staff applying for mini-grants in the 2020-21 school year and congratulations to the winners.
A total of $10,582 was awarded to the following staff and campuses:

School Name Grant Title
Windermere Elem Compatible Document Cameras
Mott Elem Manipulatives Amidst a Pandemic
Parmer Lane Elem Discovery Maker Interactive STEM Cart/ Coding with KIBO
Connally HS Monthly Healthy Breakfasts for CHS Faculty and Staff
Northwest Leadership Academy Pfinding Our Voice and Pfeeling Our Learning, Bringing Vocabulary Rich Experiences and Sensory Activities to the Intervention Classroom
Ruth Barron Elem Let’s Bring Texas History to Life with Texas Studies Weekly!
Wieland Elem We Love Diverse Books!
Brookhollow Elem Brookhollow Community Garden Improvement
Parmer Lane Elem Can You Hear Me Now?
Parmer Lane Elem Hydration Station
Dessau MS Enhancing Mindfulness
Pflugerville HS Choosing Culturally Relevant Literature
Wieland Elem Play, Learn, and Have Fun!
Northwest Elem Covid-safe Art supplies
Weiss HS Edpuzzles for U.S. History: Interactive Teaching & STAAR Prep
PACE HS Construction Logistics
Dessau Elem AB can you C a rainbow for me?
Parmer Lane Elem Centers for A Covid Safe Classroom
Hendrickson HS Vocational License fees
Pflugerville Elem Garden Boxes abloom at PES
Pflugerville HS Pre-20th Century Verticle Curriculum Alignment
Pflugerville HS Summer Reading Access for All
Parmer Lane Elem Watch, Exercise & Learn
Kelly Lane MS Digital License for math teachers

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